Bobby Lee has been claiming that the Ballet wallets are a secure place to store your bitcoin since he started the company and he has never wavered from this statement. Now he is putting his personal bitcoins where his mouth is to prove this very point. 2 total bitcoins are available for you to try to take. If you think you have the skills to hack either wallet below, let's see what you've got ladies and gentlemen!!

The clock is running. Good luck.

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Total Bounty Value: 2 BTC

Private Key Sealed


Private Key Revealed


Wallet loaded with 1.0 BTC
Can you hack the passphrase?

  • Information

    Private Key: 6PnQmAyBky9ZXJyZBv9QSGRUXkKh9HfnVsZWPn4YtcwoKy5vufUgfA3Ld7

    BIP-38 Passphrase: ???

  • Hint

    The REAL Series Paper Wallet Passphrase contains upper case English letters, numbers, and hyphens. A total of 24 characters in the following format: "XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX".


Wallet loaded with 1.0 BTC
Can you hack the private key?

  • Information

    Private Key: ???

    BIP-38 Passphrase: 594Y-L2RW-4ME7-2XVX-9B41

    BIP-38 Confirmation Code: cfrm38VUh2i5qzzCqedWtc8ekFxT3UpcQnfb42JRrLbTWCRTfgVTCXqLp3FYxqiyQDo4D3DyWzY

  • Hint

    A private key is 256-bit long alphanumeric code used to spend/send your bitcoins to another Bitcoin address. The key is presented in a Base58 Wallet Import Format. The uncompressed BIP38 encrypted private key consists of 51 characters and always begin with ā€˜6Pā€™. Base58 WIF format includes error checking codes at the end to ensure typos can be automatically detected.


Use the hashtag #takebobbysbitcoin to share your progress.

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